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Our immersive multimedia features are an in-depth look at issues facing the golf industry, providing real-world examples, research based insights and expert opinions on some of the most salient topics in modern golf.

Changing the face of the golf business

How more female leaders can make golf more profitable

"Golf Saved My Life"

One in six adults suffer from common mental health issues every week, research in the...

Chyloe Kurdas Golf Australia

Can golf fit into modern family life?

Chyloe Kurdas, Female Engagement Senior Manager for Golf Australia, has a clear view...


These infographic articles are based on market-leading research from around the globe, highlighting important information and providing practical tips to those looking to grow the game and increase participation.

Can Golf Help Relieve Stress?

In May of 2018 the Mental Health Foundation turned a powerful spotlight on stress for...

How can golf venues engage women in 2019

Research from the USA has revealed that spending on experiences is growing...

Will France seize the opportunity to

As The 2018 Ryder Cup showcased 24 of the world’s top male players in Paris, research...

Report: The Global Economic Value of Increased Female Participation in Golf


Syngenta's groundbreaking global study into female golf participation revealed that prospective female players could add $35 billion (£28 billion) to the global golf economy, yet women currently account for just 24% of golfers worldwide. To see the full report with powerful insights for the golf industry, click the link below.