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What is Syngenta Growing Golf?

For more than 30 years Syngenta has been a market leader in the global golf industry, creating innovative turf management solutions for golf courses in 43 countries.

As an industry leader, we care not only for the health, quality and consistency of your golf courses, we care about the health of the game itself and the industry’s long-term business sustainability.

This is why Syngenta has been investing in golf from the ground up, producing groundbreaking global market research, and delivering valuable industry insights in an effort to help golf unlock it's true potential.

Let’s grow the game together.

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Our immersive multimedia features are an in-depth look at issues facing the golf industry, providing real-world examples, research based insights and expert opinions on some of the most salient topics in modern golf.

Solheim Cup Team Europe

Can the rise of women’s sport grow golf

The rise of women’s sport is being linked to a take-up in participation in some sports...

Club Membership sign

Is club membership dead?

Is the club membership model dying – or can clubs on both sides of the Atlantic evolve...

Changing the face of the golf business

How more female leaders can make golf more profitable


These infographic articles are based on market-leading research from around the globe, highlighting important information and providing practical tips to those looking to grow the game and increase participation.

Golf's Doorstep Challenge

When taking up a new sport, women are more influenced by the proximity of a facility...

Female Junior Multiplier Effect

Unleashing a new wave of junior golfers

Syngenta’s global golf market research has revealed that attracting more younger women...

How can golf venues engage women in 2019

Research from the USA has revealed that spending on experiences is growing...


These stories and interviews are a celebration of those at the forefront, pushing the boundaries and evolving the game in order to reach a more modern and diverse audience.

Sue Shapcott Stereotype Threat

Stereotype threats in golf

Sue Shapcott explains stereotype threat in golf, and what clubs and PGA Professionals...

Will millennials pay for club membership

Do millennials even want club membership? And if so, are they willing to pay for it?...

Profitable by design

“There is no reason to believe that women don’t bring something different; they do,...

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Report: The Global Economic Value of Increased Female Participation in Golf


Syngenta's groundbreaking global study into female golf participation revealed that prospective female players could add $35 billion (£28 billion) to the global golf economy, yet women currently account for just 24% of golfers worldwide. To see the full report with powerful insights for the golf industry, click the link below.