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  • How golf saved a young man's life

    Real Life Stories

    Sam was only 14 years old when depression first took hold of him. This is the story of how golf became a lifeline in his darkest hours.

  • Jenni falls for golf

    Real Life Stories

    Scottish radio and television presenter, Jenni Falconer, is a working mum who started playing golf at a female-only coaching program,

  • Is Club Membership Dead?


    Is the club membership model dying – or can clubs on both sides of the Atlantic evolve to answer the needs of today’s customers?

  • What golf can learn from Parkrun's success

    Game Changers

    Taking place in beautiful natural settings, providing a community to join, delivering a great way of keeping active and fit, and providing a sense of accomplishment to those inv...

  • "Creating a golf product for today's family"

    Game Changers

    Chyloe Kurdas, Female Engagement Senior Manager for Golf Australia, speaks to Syngenta Growing Golf about the cultural expansion that is needed in golf if the industry wants to...

  • Golf's Doorstep Challenge


    When taking up a new sport, women are more influenced by the proximity of a facility than men, Syngenta's research has revealed. However, the report also surfaced a challen...

  • Unleashing a new wave of junior golfers


    Syngenta’s global golf market research* has revealed that attracting more younger women to golf could also be the key to significantly growing the number of junior golfers.

  • How can golf venues engage women in 2019?


    Research from the USA has revealed that spending on experiences is growing four times faster than spending on goods. As the golf industry steps up efforts to engage with today’s...


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